This characteristic is due to the lowering of the excitahilUy of the ventricles produced by vagus action, and we adduce a considerable number of facts showing that the vagus does lower the excitability of the ventricles, and that, by means of muscarin and liy discontinuous stimulation of the vagus, it is pnssjihle to isolate the influence of the vagus to on the rhythm and force of the auricles from its influence upon the excitability of the ventricles. Other local applications are made for psoriasis of the scalp, eczema, neitralgia, neuritis, sciatica, Rigg's disease of the gums, sprains, inflammations, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis "temperature" are among those which have yielded in a marvelous manner to this treatment in the author's practice. Preco - ammonium chloride may be given to dogs with glycerin and chloroform water as a cough mixture.

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Indeed, it may be well for us to compare the advantages thus gained with the record of our own achievements for in perfecting ourselves to take the high place that is so generously being provided. Our courses of lectures, according to the charter of the University, cannot be refused, and if they are accepted, as they must be, according to law, we are at once reinstated into our proper place in the profession, buy and the rest of the amenities will soon follow. But if he exceeds his limit for a day or price two trouble returns as severe as before.

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