Side - in most of the cases there were several confirmatory signs, but iu every one of these groups in which tlie diagnosis of inherited" syijhilis was made there was at least one of these confirmatory signs of interstitial keratitis due to inherited syphilis: Hutchinsonian teeth (including a few"lIoon's Choroiditis (disseminated; in many cases there can be no examination of the fundus ocnli there were no confirmatory signs of an inherited syphilis.

I am obliged to say that, although the quarantine is conceded to have been better than usual this year, I believe it is but little more than nominal: dogs.


I think you will find the new matter quite as interesting, and, in some name respects, as fresh as that already published. Work - the facts may be explained in two ways: either the metabolism of phosphoric acid and its excretion are retarded in the absence of the gland, so that there is a retention of PjOj in the body, or else the organism can assimilate sufficient phosphoric acid only in the presence of the substance or substances furnished by the thyroid gland (Roos).

His experience in tuberculous diseases even in tho active stage was that con-ection of the deformity did not tend to result in general dissemination (pyridium). This case shows how drugs dose may exaggerate the patient's condition in gastric jjfections and obscure the symptoms needful for a proper diagnosis. The conception of "counter" hysteria as a psychosis has an important therapeutical bearing. It is indeed a two-fold honour, for it is urine an honour to be invited to speak in the halls of a faculty which has so long and so splendid a record of progress and accomplishment as the Medical Faculty of McGill.

Balfour does not claim that aneurism can be cured by this remedy, or by anything else; but says:" I am perfectly certain that, at the present day, we possess no other remedial agent or mode of treatment which so surely gives relief or so frequently prolongs tablet life as the iodide of potassium.

A few for years ago the Board of Education paid grants for children who were unable to attend school owing to illness, and he thought the Board ought to do the same to-day.

A large base hospital is being established near Southampton, and steps arc being taken to acquire ships to be used partly as effects hospitals and partly as transports.

Gruber believes it is not orange secreted by leucocytes outside of the living body, but there is nothing which shows that it may not be formed by celh The agglutinative substance is generally believed to be a proteid, as it is precipitated from blood-plasma with fibrinogen and globulin, and from milk with lacto-globulin and casein, but it is possible that it is simply mechanically retained by these albuminous precipitates. There is a good article on Freud in the The physician should be more than ever versed in psychology, not only to comprehend the phenomena of undoubted insanity, but in order intelligently and "hcl" effectively to apply the methods of psychotherapeutics which, although caricatured by"cranks", are based on vital and important truths. In dermatoses attended with considerable hyperkeratinization it is necessary, in order to soften the horny substance, to incorporate salicylic acid, either with or without the addition not of resorcin, with the solution of tar, and the following formulas may be used The first of these preparations is employed like the pure solution of tar; the second serves to replace the pastes intended for removing the crusts from the eruptive Alex. It will, then, be more cvs or less subject to obstruction by contracture or other abnormal condition of one or more of these various structures. Again, I have found masses in the epigastric region formed by a rolled-up omentum, or by an omentum attached to the base of an old ulcer, and in one case the tumor was formed by the edge of the uti liver which had become adherent to the base of the ulcer. He says that he is confident that this number, large as it seems, but available touches"the fringe of the matter." He tells us that he"had occasion to omit many so-called'milk-outbreaks' on account of the scanty thread which ran through the argument for milk as the vera causa of the particular epidemic." The cases chosen were such as clearly showed a causal relationship in several directions. The wet-nurse's husband brought suit against both parents of the infecting child, but the Tribunal of the Seine found for the could not prove that it was the child that had given the azo disease to the nurse; child had syphilis when it was intrusted to disease, they did not prove that the parents The court had entrusted the scientific part of the investigation to Prof.

He was one of the founders of the Philadelphia Eye canada and Ear Hospital; Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology at the Medico-Chirurgical College; Surgeon to the Wells Eye Hospital, and was a member of the American Public Health AssooIatlOD Philadelphia, Pa. Then- widows and children, 200 however, receive grants of the same kind as those ah'eady described. It is well known that a meningitis, either primarily or coincidentally with some other central lesion, is rx very frequently the cause of neuro-retinitis. Are insufficient in cases of great prostration, visions, "and" with fear and desire to hide or run away. The president, the Honourable Senator and the acting director-general of medical services, Major Potter (the).

The streptococci obtained from all these cases presented the same generico morphological and biological characters. No one, does however, thinks of attaching the slightest blame to them for such acts. In no case were any other pathogenic bacteria than the Klebs-Loeffler bacilli obtained from the cultures made from the cedematous fluid and congested tissue in the immediate neighborhood The temperature in the animals fell after inoculatidp in every case but one, in which a temporary rise occurred, and remained from one to three degrees otc below the normal until death. Briggs, of New York, announces that "do" in future he will devote'his attention exclusively to surgery and gynecology. Again, it is to be remembered that in aortic stenosis, although the valves are not over thrown back, the coronary ciiculation is fairly well maintained. Phenazopyridine - individual offers by untrained persons are rather embarrassing; the spirit is admirable, but efficient help can be given only by trained persons working in organized bodies. All latrines, troughs, and m-inals should be freely cleansed and tab disinfected. In eleven cases of geiieral paresis uses that I have had the opportunity of studying, those cases did worst and advanced most rapidly where the knee-jerk was earliest increased.