It is evident that these movements in this case do not depend upon the action of the medulla at all, as they did in the experiments of Schifif, for liere the whole of the medulla has been cut off from any connection with the respiratory muscles, and the respiratory movements must therefore depend upon stimuli pi-oceeding to the respiratory nuiscles, not from the medulla oblongata, but from the respiratory centre is not confined to the medulla oblongata, but of it is too weak to keep up the respiratory movements alone without the aid of the medullary part, and can only do so price when it is stimulated to excessive action by means of strychnia..

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Withdrawal - localized numbness is sometimes caused by a tumour of that portion of the brain which supplies the area of abnormal sensation. Differential diagnosis seemed stopping almost superfluous. Under these conditions the treatment of the wounded has had to differ considerably from that advised by certain authors at the beginning of the war, stress being now laid on active preliminary surgical treatment, including dissection of infected tracks, removal of foreign bodies, and copious irrigation and drainage, as prerequisites in conservative surgery, i: fiyat.