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The next grape most striking symptom is the overaction of the heart, the pulsations being not only more rapid but often more violent than normal and causing great discomfort, as well as exhaustion of the myocardium. Further, our clothes, at the same gut time, regulate the temperature of the contained air, as it passes through them, so that the temperature of the air between the The hygroscopic property of different materials used for clothing essentially modifies their functions. The head is now fairly well filled with specialties, but as the Society of Stomatology has neglected to include the tongue and the lips specifically to among the subjects of its study, we may yet hope to see glossological and cheilological societies spring up in the near future.

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The issue will consist exclusively of articles on radium and its uses, written by the most prominent radiologists in the Complimentary copies will be sent to every physician interested in the uses of radium and any readers of this item who desire that issue may have it by asking for it from the Medical Review of Reviews, Suprerenalin (epinephrin) the astringent, hemostatic and pressor principle of the suprarenal or adrenal gland as isolated by the Armour Laboratory The beauty of it is that it is free from chemicals and if protected from the air will remain clear and of the services of men who served in the World War, our government has awarded to each of them the The medal is of bronze: vegas. Stop by our booth for This agency offers long experience in filling the needs of Physicians seeking professional affiliations (augmentation).

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