Combinations of types have the more gloomy prognosis;' online occasionally, however, a petit mal will be followed by grand mal for a few attacks, and this be followed by cessation of the attacks.


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The entire right thigh and leg and the left leg were greatly enlarged, the middle of the right thigh measuring thirty-six inches in weight p.

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From the foregoing it might be judged that a woman had the power to form her offspring in any manner pleasing to her fancy, but it must be remembered that the "mg" influences to which she might respond are beyond her control and must be unconsciously if Her amenability to suggestion places her in practically the same position as a mirror reflecting its surroundings; therefore a woman reproduces her kind as it impresses or suggests itself to her con.sciousness. This is to be followed by control a hot antiseptic (preferably carbolic acid) intrauterine douche. The nervous symptoms vary from a general irritability to seizures resembling petit mal: pill.