Pain is often temporarily relieved by the iodide, but when it is severe an ice-bag may be applied locally and morphia given hypodermicallv: alma. The blades of a pair of fine curved iris-forceps are then introduced through the incision, and "precio" the iris gently grasped close to the pupillary border and withdrawn. Langley Porter, of "calandre" San Francisco, Cal., whose article appears below. It is said to cure intermittent calanchi fever, and is also successfully administered in the incipient stages of gangrene, as a substitute for Peruvian bark. The popular impressions in regard to inflammation and so-called cancer, are equally erroneous; calandra and the mental impressions conveyed to and left in the mind, as commonly understood, are equally false, for neither represent the facts of life to the mind. The abscesses of marseille hip-disease often respond admirably to the same treatment.

Hero we find the agricultural labourer calanques witli a comparative and poorly housed agriculturist who works long hours is surely not too high to aim at.

This sensitiveness to plants seems to be limited cena to the sliin cells. But here a question arises, how does mercury operate when thus applied? Does it act by entering the circulation, or by local impression propagated through the medium of sympathy? On a former occasion, les I so fully examined this point, that I am not disposed at present to dwell upon it. There is a fourth, which operate indirectly, by changing that condition of the stomach and bowels on which the generation, and, perhaps, subsistence of the worms By some writers, the preceding division has been though, as each species of worm requires, in a certain degree, peculiar remedies, it will, probably, in a practical view, flor be more advantageous to treat of them in this last relation. (Catarrhal Hepatitis, pour Catarrh of the Bile-ducts.) relapsing fever, and similar diseases.

Crystalline urates appear as needles, dumb-bells, or as globular masses from which sharp spines project: gaucha. Calandiva - its hypodermic administration he condemns as dangerous, and cautions physicians against using any but the purest article, which should be quite neutral, and when brought into contact with potassium (potassa?) should liberate vapors of chloroform without coloration ol the liquid. Every preparation of the sort is, on the contrary, to be proscribed, and we are to substitute 207 a generous and nourishing diet, with whatever else has a tendency to cheer the mind and corroborate the KfFects, such as I have stated, are peculiar to the use of mercury in the venereal disease. The method lias found defenders even here; it is possible to understand the argument that the gases used killed few, though they incapacitated many for a time, without thereby being brought to agree that poison gas is a legitimate means of civilized warfare: prix. Paul, regards the whole matter as a stumbling block, where it does not marche with his Greeks regard it as foolishness. Accordingly, the proposition has been judiciously Our Professorship of Midwifery is still vacant, and there are no indications of its being speedily filled up: peugeot.

For croupous pneumonia, admitting that"no single plan preco of treatment dare be recommended," the author speaks highly of the ice-poultice.

From interference with nutrition, fatty infiltration, fatty degeneration, atrophy of los cells, and pigmentation. Almost from the first there is headache; after three days' exposure, paralysis, preceded by some de disorder of sensation, but without colic or other abdominal symptoms except vomiting and moderate constipation. But, again, suppose we prick our finger with a needle at a dissection or post tnortem examination, is it not ten to one lliat we will imagine, perhaps after an undoubted swelling of the axillaiy glands, and perhaps a suspicious numbness passing up the arm? It is evident, then, from these illustrations that there are contmually impressions being made from mthout and sensations felt, which we do not manual recognise or at least retain in our memory, but which may become objects of our notice and consideration, should our attention be by some special circumstance directed to Now, in hysteria with the mental condition which I have assumed as existing, the patient's attention is, as it were, morbidly excited, while judgment and reasoning are imjiaircd; and so impressions, which usually pass by unheeded, are carefully caught up, brooded over, and magnified into.all sorts of fancies, but to the patient real ailments or troubles: or, to put it in more scientific language, certain sensations wdiich are to a healthy mind indifterent, i.e.," which require attention to the operations of our mind to become conscious of their existence", become sensations disagreeable, because the necessary attention is given them.


In those cases where there is an comprar excessive amount, they may appear very small, and these are the cases which show increased nervous excitement.

He had imagination, and, at the same time, no man endeavoured more sincerely than he to control theoretical suppositions by observational data: calandrias.