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Her family physician said that she had an attack of acute articular rheumatism complicating pregnancy. In -even day- -he was discharged cured from the hospital. ALiRALGAN Ear medication in Otitis Media and Bactericidal (gram negative-gram positive) in the suppurative and aural dermatomycotic ears. Expectorants have little or no effect. This date up to the present time, we are greatly indebted for the advancement of scientific knowledge and orthopedic surgery, to such men as Sayre, Diefcnbach, Little, Price, Wright, Bonnet, Rogers, Richardson, Detmold, and many others, so that this branch of the science of surgery has kept pace with its The importance of the subject, no one can deny who pays the slightest attention to the numerous cases of malformation and deformity which we observe in everyday life. He says the sentence"there is discursiveness and irrelevancy; pleonasm and ambiguity"is all wrong; or, as he says in his critical and elegant phraseology,"there is all these is there?" The sension criticised by Dr. This method also gave an excellent view of the tumor, and made it extremely easy to work in the nasopharynx. The temperature almost invariably begins to fall within a few hours and continues to drop until it reaches normal. The child had partial spasms every few minutes; pupils dilated and contracted alternately to the full extent; head thrown back, gasping for breath, screaming out with agony; urine scanty; extremely tender over base of brain and upper portion of spine; cold feet and hands, and pulse frequent, small it us above indicated, and it improved from day to day until it got perfectly well. He looms up at medical conventions, and, indeed, may be an author of no mean position. There should remain no cicatrix to indicate where an operation has been done, and nothing but the favorable result of a needed adjustment in the position There is often, in important cases, such as those which have been described in this series of studies, a necessity for several operations.

Ulcerated places are painted with collodion, and covered with a white lead plaster, or they are bandaged with dry salves. Ha nan states that he is firmly convinced that myalgias of the abdomi nal muscles, without underlying visceral inflammations, do occur and much more frequently than is supposed; and that it is high time the abdominal wall shouldered some of the blame for many an innocent The author disavows any desire to underrate the perplexity often existing in a given case: but points out a few things that may help to place the blame, in the majority of instances, where it belongs; and this is always more apt to be difficult than easy in any abdominal The left-sided pain brings to mind the possibility of a kidney, colon or sigmoid affection; the right-sided one to an appendicitis, typhlitis or gall-bladder inflammation or perhaps a kidney cause; more centrally and above the umbilicus, duodenal and stomach ulcers are relatively frequent, while below so often exist the How shall these conditions be differentiated? Is it possible to show a leukocytosis in cases of myalgia not involving the abdominal walls? Hanan states that he has seen the total count, per cent., and in a shoulder and neck case, with This shows that there may be a moderate or even considerable leucocytosis in a myalgia of average or severe type with no viscera beneath to obscure the actual muscle condition. It further instructs county and city boards of health, in co-operation with their respective city councils and fiscal courts, to inaugurate and execute and to require the heads of families and ( ther persons to execute such sanitary regulations as such board may consider expedient to prevent the spread of trachoma, which is hereby declared to be an epidemic and communicable disease, and to this end they are requested to bring all persons infected with trachoma under prompt and proper treatment during premonitory or other stages of the It is to be hoped we will soon realize that trachoma is present in this country to an alarming extent, and that it is a dangerous communicable disease which is spreading An intensive campaign should be waged against trachoma wherever it is found, and continued until the work of eradication and Patients with anomalous symptoms, among these being altered blood pressure, at times consult us and tell of having tried many practitioners, general and specialist, besides newer cults, all with indifferent results. The primary gauze pack may be removed within a few minutes and the area of superior attachment of the vomer cauterized with a Paquelin.

More of the chloral, when he sank into a roused sufficiently to take a small amount of fluid nourishment, and then slept until noon. Excisional therapy is indicated for nodules that are considered likely to be carcinomatous. Herbert Spencer said somewhere, in the opening lines of his System of Synthetic Philosophy, if my recollection serves me, and I refer to Mr.

By injecting over both supraorbital notches, analgesia may be produced in the whole of the middle portion of the forehead. Instead of restricting the protein intake of the patient as greatly as has been the custom, it is better to allow a moderate protein ration on the condition that the patient will greatly increase his consumption of selected fruits and veget bles. In the morgue the remains of any men who may die in the fleet are received, embalmed, placed in a metal lined casket, and on request shipped at Government expense to the next of kin. Richardson has had much to do with the training and establishment of health educators as a professional specialty in the state, and has been instrumental in the organization of full-time local health earned the esteem of the medical profession. Mussey must not think that the writer intends thus to make game of him, for who could be uncharitable enough to make game of one, that had been so pitiably unfortunate, as to be the Body of the Cheap It is far from the writer's intention to say any tiling unkind in reply or to wouud Dr. However, should the bile show the presence of infection (by culture examination) a tube must at once be rejplaced and drainage maintained until the infection is under control. The law to the collector of internal revenue of the district in which the physician resides. Sometimes, however, the bleeding continues for so long a time, particularly in children, as to endanger their lives; every effort must then be made to stop the bleeding. I then tried the chlorate, having used it before as a dressing to supperating wounds and sores. Freedom of the individual is a strong tradition in this country, and in no place is individual freedom more important than in research (movacalm plus). After two months of treatment the hand was opened and curetted.